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Sustainable Solutions From Permanent Light Manufacturer

Feb 01, 2024

CL Lighting Co. is a major and reliable Permanent light manufacturer of unchangingly glowing lights, with the commitment to give our customers the best quality illumination solutions obtainable.

Innovative products that address specific needs for each customer are developed by our experienced team of engineers and designers. Regardless if it is a residential, commercial or industrial lighting requirement, we have what it takes to deliver.

Our company embraces environmentally friendly procedures during manufacture and inventing new lighting technology using the most recent materials. With the current trends in global warming and climate change, we understand how important sustainability is as an issue; hence we strive to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Quality assurance methods put in place by other firms fall short of matching ours. In order to ensure its reliability and performance which are incomparable, each of these products must undergo thorough test and inspection processes before selling them into the market. We offer full warranty on all our products so that customers are relaxed when they purchase them knowing well that they will serve them for long.

Besides superb merchandise, we also boast about outstanding customer service delivery. All your questions can be answered by our intelligent staff who always have a smile on their faces and provide you assistance from end-to-end: selection of product up to installation stage among others.

We are not just manufacturers at CL Lighting Co., but partners in your prosperity. Get in touch with us today so that we can show you how we can assist you actualize your lighting objectives.

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