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2022 Guangzhou Light Asia Exhibition – Adhere To The Quality Lifeline To Attack New Markets

Dec 20, 2023

[Attack and defense] Zhang Cailan, General manager of Cailan Optoelectronics of Sacred Heart Technology Group: Adhere to the quality lifeline to attack the new market.

Economy, new pattern, new driving force. Digital forces are reshaping the lighting industry value chain, and the theme of the 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) is set as “Thinking about lighting · attack and defense” to jointly explore the winning way between enterprise attack and defense in the local and global context, gather wise thinking and create a new situation in the industry.

We focus on the development of LED industry innovation. In this context, GILE visited a number of outstanding exhibitors and industry guests, recorded the “attack and defense” series of interview programs, shared the enterprise’s future development plan and suggestions for the development of China’s LED innovation industry, focused on presenting the wisdom of guests, outlined the overall picture of China’s LED era, with a hundred opinions, in-depth interpretation of the offensive and defensive way of the new era of lighting. In 2022, should we fight hard or hold our ground? In this program, we walked into the high-end LED commercial lighting brand enterprise Sacred Heart Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Sacred Heart Group), and talked to Ms. Zhang Cailan, general manager of Sacred Heart Group.

“‘ Attack, attack, attack ‘, our slogan this year is very much in line with the theme of Light Asia.” The strategy of Sacred Heart Group this year is more inclined to attack, Ms. Zhang Cailan said, “The choice of attack is that our current products and markets have not been fully rolled out, so we must take an offensive attitude, the product quality, innovation, market and customers step by step down; We always keep the quality of our products unchanged and serve our customers with our hearts.”

Fourteen years, Sacred Heart Group has grown steadily and gradually built into a well-known export brand of domestic LED lighting, in Ms. Zhang Cailan’s view, this benefits from three aspects, first, the company pays attention to the precipitation of corporate culture. “A core value of our corporate culture is to achieve your own dreams by helping others achieve their dreams. At the same time, we adhere to the employment standards of diligence, memory, morality and education, and have shaped a team that can compete well.”

Second, focus on product innovation. Over the past ten years, Sacred Heart Group has taken product innovation, optimization and improvement as the primary important task; Third, product quality is the lifeline of the company. The manufacture, design and verification of the products have been checked at various levels, and the proportion of failed products has been controlled in a very low range in the past 14 years.

Control of product quality. Sacred Heart is particularly serious. First of all, in terms of employment, the company has more than 30 R & D talents with more than 18 years of industry experience, and completed more than 80 patents, helping the group to build its own brand; In the establishment of the quality system, the company has nearly 40 quality personnel with more than 15 years of experience, and invested resources to establish a special laboratory, equipped with certification equipment with the same authority as the certification body; In the entire quality of the manufacturing process, from design, manufacturing to molding, after four months of strict testing and verification cycle, the final qualified before the market.

In terms of products, intelligent intelligent manufacturing, as well as the specialization of the subdivision of the “level” is the future development direction of the product, Sacred Heart Group has invested in the research and development of intelligent lighting products since 2015, after more than three years of precipitation, the current product has been recognized by a large number of customers, “the future we will continue to dig deep and improve the intelligent products.”

In addition, customer demand is a direction for future development. Ms. Zhang Cailan said, “The LED lighting industry has not reached saturation at this stage, as long as the customer needs to grasp the market will be there.”

From the perspective of the global macroeconomic environment, lighting companies will embrace a variety of development opportunities from home and abroad, but also always meet all kinds of domestic challenges. In the fusion stage of the industry, how should enterprises grasp the opportunities and embrace the challenges? In this regard, Ms. Zhang Cailan put forward three suggestions, “The first point is not to forget the original heart, remember the mission; The second point is both internal and external repair, practice the product’s internal work; The third point is to eliminate the weak and select the essence, and promote the strong points and avoid the weak points.”

“When we win, we toast to each other, and when we fail, we fight to save each other,” she said. “We always keep in mind the mission of the company, and constantly improve our shortcomings and turn them into long boards to achieve the company’s goals.”

It is understood that Ms. Zhang Cailan entered the LED lighting industry for nearly ten years, has been sticking to the lighting industry, silently working, “LED this product lets us Sacred Heart Group, including individuals, in the entire industry, to find their own value point.” “Lighting the world, manufacturing the future, as long as there is the existence of the night, there is the value of lighting, which is why we stick to the lighting industry.” At the same time, we also hope that the industry will be more specialized, accurate, informationized and data-oriented.”

In the process of attack and defense, in the pursuit of the goal, they are not confused by problems and resistance, not confused by achievements and reputations, and once again imprint the coordinates of time. The road ahead of the title mission, forge ahead with the original heart.

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