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CL Lighting Your Trusted Permanent Light Manufacturer

Jan 23, 2024

CL Lighting is among the leading manufacturers of permanent lighting. It offers a wide range of residential and commercial lighting solutions. CL Lighting has become a trusted brand in the field of lighting as it is known for its quality and innovative products.  You can explore our extensive collection of lights and change your space using our dependable and fashionable products.

For over 11 years, since its inception in 2012; CL Lighting has been providing high-quality lighting solutions. Our objective is to improve the beauty and usefulness of your residential or working environment with modern, energy-saving light sources. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, attention to detail, and constant improvements in product designs and performance.

We have a broad variety of lights in CL Lighting to suit different tastes and needs.

1.Indoor Lighting

Lights for ceiling:different interior styles are taken care of by modernity as well as ancientness

Wall lights:these wall lights are very neat and nice 

Table lamps:will match your home or office furniture perfectly Modern floor lamps: have a touch of elegance added to their design.

2.Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lights:they illuminate garden or yard areas for long periods.

Floodlights:keep them secure with our very powerful floodlights.

Deck lights:give life to your deck or veranda area with our deck lights.

3.Smart Lightings

LED bulbs:they save power by emitting less heat while giving out more light thus suitable for any setting.

Smart fixtures:we feature smart fixtures which can be controlled from anywhere via voice assistants such as google home, mobile apps among other devices.

4.Quality Guarantee

We know how much quality matters when it comes to light products. That’s why we ensure that every stage we go through during the production process is thoroughly checked and tested so that we deliver the best standard light into your homes. Most importantly however, the durability and efficiency of our products is a testament to our commitment to quality and hence makes them a worth investment for your house or office.

5.Customization Possibilities

We understand that every space is unique at CL Lighting, which is why we offer customization options for our lighting products.  Our team of professionals is here to create the perfect lighting solution based on your specifications whether you need a specific size, color or finish.

Make CL Lighting your permanent light manufacturer for reliable, high-quality, stylish lighting solutions. Browse through our wide range of products  converting your area into an even brighter and more beautiful place. With our dedication to quality, customizability and excellent customer service Cl lighting should be your go-to when it comes to all matters lighting.

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