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Elevate Your Space with CL LIGHTING's Custom Smart Lighting Solutions

Elevate Your Space with CL LIGHTING's Custom Smart Lighting Solutions

Revitalize educational spaces with CL LIGHTING Smart Lighting, the innovative solution for creating dynamic and adaptable learning environments. Our smart lighting systems, tailored for educational institutions, offer customizable lighting scenes that enhance focus and engagement. From providing bright and stimulating lighting for classroom activities to creating relaxed environments in common areas, CL LIGHTING Smart Lighting becomes a crucial tool for supporting effective teaching and learning. Explore the future of education with CL LIGHTING, where each smart light becomes a catalyst for innovation, contributing to the creation of intelligent and inspiring educational spaces.

Experience the transformation of learning environments with CL LIGHTING Smart Lighting, where illumination becomes a dynamic and intelligent element for shaping the educational experience.




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Smart Lighting in Urban Planning: CL LIGHTING and the Role they Play in Smart Cities

Smart Lighting in Urban Planning: CL LIGHTING and the Role they Play in Smart Cities

Direct the future of smart cities with CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting Solutions. Find out how these bright and connected lighting systems are changing urban planning for the better, increasing safety, greenness and life quality in the metropolitan areas.

The organization offers smart street lighting alternatives for cities under its smart lighting solutions. Such lights can be set to change brightness levels at different times of day depending on traffic flow patterns leading to safer city roads. Intelligent street lighting facilities form part of a plan that seeks to create more secure public spaces within urban settings.

Energy-efficient technologies should be included into urban planning through using CL LIGHTING's Smart Lighting. There is an option for optimizing energy consumption by programming these lights based on green city approaches reducing carbon emissions from cities. Energy efficient illumination also complements sustainable development strategies adopted within smart cities.

CL LIGHTING’s Illuminating Celebrations: Smart Lighting in Outdoor Events

CL LIGHTING’s Illuminating Celebrations: Smart Lighting in Outdoor Events

Smart Lighting Solutions from CL LIGHTING will help light up outdoor events. Experience the transformation of these adaptable and weatherproof lighting solutions, as they create vivacious and visually stunning party, wedding and special occasion atmospheres.

These are dynamic lighting displays that highlight excitement during any outdoor event by CL LIGHTING’s smart lighting solutions. Changing colors and eye-catching visual effects make celebrations more fun. This means that there can be great memories created at events through dynamic lighting displays.

With a robust design for use outside, CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting Solutions are built to withstand harsh weather conditions; this ensures reliable illumination throughout challenging weather patterns. These lights offer dependable and appealing visual lighting fixtures for garden parties or wedding receptions to enhance the success of outdoor events.

Impressive Retail Experience with CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting

Impressive Retail Experience with CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting

Take retail experiences to another level with CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting. Find out how these new lighting solutions are making retail stores more beautiful, and coming up with attractive displays that sell more and make customers loyal to the brand.

The visual merchandizing of goods is greatly affected by the dynamic lightings made possible by CL LIGHTINGS’ smart lighting. Changing colors and creating visually striking effects allow for a better product presentation, thus ensuring that the shopping experience becomes interesting and unforgettable. Dynamic light displays in turn increase sales as well as customer satisfaction within a retail setting.

Smart Lighting in Industrial Facilities: CL LIGHTING’s Role in Enhancing Efficiency

Smart Lighting in Industrial Facilities: CL LIGHTING’s Role in Enhancing Efficiency

Improve industrial operations through the Smart Lighting Solutions of CL LIGHTING. Know how these smart and energy saving lighting solutions improve visibility, safety and overall efficiency in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and industrial facilities.

For warehouses, CL LIGHTING’S Smart Lighting Solutions have motion-activated lights. Any activity within the area will trigger the lights to be on thus improving visibility. Movement activated lighting systems improve safety and operational efficiency in industrial property.

CL LIGHTING’s Smart Lighting brings sustainable technology into production processes. These lamps can be programmed to consume energy optimally which is an aspect of ecologically friendly manufacturing practices that help lower operating costs of industries. Energy-efficient lighting facilitates green initiatives within industry.

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Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2012, it's one of the subsidiaries of Banq Technology Group, which is a National high-tech enterprises that approved ISO9001:2015 &BSCI certification, area 15,000 square meters, the main business areas in Europe, America, Greater China, Australia, Southeast Asia.

CL Lighting, mainly make ambient lighting, LED strip lights,smart controller integrated kit.Enrich the beautiful life of mankind with smart lighting as the core mission and goals, focus on IoT+Transmission and sensing technology,supply Cloud+APP+Intelligent module+Software integrated solution, combined smart lighting,intelligent control and other fields,create an intelligent lighting ecosystem with unique AIoT characteristic,At present,many mainstream protocols such as WIFI,Zigbee and Bluetooth have been connected.

We have a professional technical and management team, can provide all kinds of personalized intelligent solution customization services. In the future, we will build an CL intelligent lighting ecosystem, to provide users with more accurate, timely, complete services.

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ISO9001 and BSCl audited; Original manufacturer of Walmart, Carrefour, Costco, Best-buy etc.


The factory has an independent industrial park covering 15,000㎡, and the capacity of huge production allows us to produce goods for you and ready for shipment within 20 working days.


30+ R&D engineers with 10 year experiences, one new product per month. Failure rate below 0.1% and provide 0.3% spare parts. Certificates: CE-RED, REACH, ERP, FCC-ID, ETL, SAA etc.


30+ engineers with more than 10 years of experience is always ready to provide the best support to you.


What users say about CL

Absolutely thrilled with my purchase from CL! The LED strip lights and smart controller kit are top-notch. The one-to-one OEM service made customization a breeze.Kudos to CL for their outstanding products and service!


Mark Johnson

CL has truly impressed me! The LED strip lights and smart controller integrated kit I ordered are of exceptional quality. The seamless OEM and ODM services set them apart. I'm would recommend CL to anyone seeking reliable and innovative lighting solutions.


Emily Thompson

CL's LED strip lights and smart controllers are fantastic! The personalized OEM and ODM services provided great convenience for our customization needs. I purchased 20 sets, and the quality is excellent. Thanks to CL for providing such outstanding lighting solutions!


Li Wei

I am thrilled with the quality of CL's LED strip lights and Smart Controllers! The individual OEM and ODM services made the purchasing process extremely pleasant. My order of 30 units was processed quickly, and the products exceeded my expectations. Thank you, CL!


Klaus Müller



Do You Have Any Question?

What types of smart lighting solutions does CL LIGHTING offer?

CL LIGHTING offers a diverse range of smart lighting solutions, including smart bulbs, fixtures, and integrated systems.

Are CL LIGHTING's smart lighting products compatible with popular smart home platforms?

Yes, many of CL LIGHTING's smart lighting products are designed for compatibility with popular smart home platforms.

How does CL LIGHTING ensure the security of its smart lighting systems?

CL LIGHTING prioritizes security, implementing encryption and secure protocols in its smart lighting systems for user safety.

Are CL LIGHTING's smart lighting products energy-efficient?

Yes, CL LIGHTING incorporates energy-efficient LED technology into its smart lighting products, promoting sustainability.

What is the lifespan of CL LIGHTING's smart lighting fixtures?

The lifespan of CL LIGHTING's smart lighting fixtures varies based on the specific model and usage, ensuring long-lasting performance.

How can I set up CL LIGHTING's smart lighting products in my space?

CL LIGHTING provides user-friendly setup instructions with its smart lighting products, and customer support is available for additional assistance.


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