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Illuminate the Season: CL LIGHTING's Christmas Light Extravaganza

Illuminate the Season: CL LIGHTING's Christmas Light Extravaganza

For event planners and hosts, CL LIGHTING Christmas lights offer tailored solutions to make every occasion truly special. Our customizable lighting displays and themed options allow for a personalized touch, creating a festive atmosphere that aligns with the theme of the event. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, CL LIGHTING provides event planners with the tools to elevate the ambiance and create unforgettable moments. Explore the versatility of CL LIGHTING Christmas lights in event decoration, where each strand becomes a unique expression of celebration.

Discover the customization possibilities of CL LIGHTING Christmas lights, where illumination becomes a curated experience for festive events.

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Office Christmas Lights from CL LIGHTING: The Ultimate Festive Displays

Office Christmas Lights from CL LIGHTING: The Ultimate Festive Displays

Many businesses are trying to liven up their offices when the season of good will is near. Our office Christmas lights and decorations do this for you at CL LIGHTING.

These designs are not just there for decoration; they help in transforming the workplace into a positive environment. Increased morale, improved communication, and an overall sense of togetherness come as a result of being appreciated during this season.

CL LIGHTING appreciates the significance of branding to any business. This is why their lighting can be custom-made with brand colors and logos on them. The idea behind it is that your company’s identity should be part of the decorative scheme. Chances are, employees as well as visitors will find themselves very comfortable in your office if they see your firm’s name all over the place through these decorations.

Create Mind-Boggling Experiences with CL LIGHTING's Commercial Christmas Decor

Create Mind-Boggling Experiences with CL LIGHTING's Commercial Christmas Decor

Engaging customers in the retail and hospitality sectors can get a little tricky. Trust us, we know. But that’s where CL LIGHTNING comes in! We’re introducing our latest commercial Christmas decor line to you, and it goes above and beyond the usual lights. Standing out during the holiday season has never been easier, so keep reading.

CL LIGHTING doesn't stop at your typical string lights — we want you to be able to captivate your audience through amazing experiences. And for that reason alone, we offer a variety of options when it comes to our commercially available Christmas decor. Whether you're looking for something eye-catching for your window displays or want a unique motif designed specifically for your business, this décor will 100% help you make memories with visitors.

Your competitors hate to see it happen...but standing out is crucial in every industry. And when it comes to retail and hospitality? Get ready to shine bright like a diamond (RIP Rihanna.) By transforming spaces into festive showcases with our commercial Christmas decor, foot traffic will come rolling in like a snowball down a hill (just watch!). You’ll be able to create custom and visually appealing holiday atmospheres that’ll resonate with customers — all while staying true to your brand identity and thematic elements!
CL LIGHTING: International Illumination for Christmas

CL LIGHTING: International Illumination for Christmas

It’s that time of year again — the yuletide season. Which also means it’s time to bring people closer through culture, traditions, and all those nice festive stuff. That’s why CL LIGHTING released their newest collection: International Christmas lighting experience.
Inspired by numerous cultural celebrations and festivals from around the world, these lights are designed to shine a light on traditions. From Asian lantern festivals to Europe's famous Christmas markets — you name it! They’ve got a style for everything.

Even if you’re not going for an international themed event this year, you can still appreciate diversity in your own way. Maybe you just want to create a fun atmosphere for your loved ones this Christmas? Who knows! But one thing is certain: CL LIGHTING’s displays will tell fascinating stories about different cultures which adds meaning and depth to any festive season decorations at home or in your business place.

Enhance the Festive Season with CL LIGHTING’s Wholesale Christmas Lights

Enhance the Festive Season with CL LIGHTING’s Wholesale Christmas Lights

With the holidays nearing, businesses are starting to think about how to create a cozy atmosphere that will attract customers. CL LIGHTING is a top lighting company and they have just dropped their new collection of Christmas lights wholesale.

This range of wholesale Christmas lights was specifically made for retailers, event planners and decorators so they can find exactly what fits their needs. They offer everything from classic string lights to modern LED displays so there’s something for everyone. Plus, because it’s wholesale, businesses can make bulk orders and get the quantity they need without spending too much.

CL LIGHTING isn’t just keeping it cookie cutter either. They know that every business has its own unique requirements when it comes to decorations. For this reason, all their Christmas light solutions are customizable. You can choose your color, size and design which allows you to create a bespoke festive ambiance that aligns with your brand image perfectly. And if you’re an event planner or decorator setting up a certain theme or aesthetic for an occasion, it lets you put together a memorable holiday experience for guests with ease!

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Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2012, it's one of the subsidiaries of Banq Technology Group, which is a National high-tech enterprises that approved ISO9001:2015 &BSCI certification, area 15,000 square meters, the main business areas in Europe, America, Greater China, Australia, Southeast Asia.

CL Lighting, mainly make ambient lighting, LED strip lights,smart controller integrated kit.Enrich the beautiful life of mankind with smart lighting as the core mission and goals, focus on IoT+Transmission and sensing technology,supply Cloud+APP+Intelligent module+Software integrated solution, combined smart lighting,intelligent control and other fields,create an intelligent lighting ecosystem with unique AIoT characteristic,At present,many mainstream protocols such as WIFI,Zigbee and Bluetooth have been connected.

We have a professional technical and management team, can provide all kinds of personalized intelligent solution customization services. In the future, we will build an CL intelligent lighting ecosystem, to provide users with more accurate, timely, complete services.

Why Choose CL


ISO9001 and BSCl audited; Original manufacturer of Walmart, Carrefour, Costco, Best-buy etc.


The factory has an independent industrial park covering 15,000㎡, and the capacity of huge production allows us to produce goods for you and ready for shipment within 20 working days.


30+ R&D engineers with 10 year experiences, one new product per month. Failure rate below 0.1% and provide 0.3% spare parts. Certificates: CE-RED, REACH, ERP, FCC-ID, ETL, SAA etc.


30+ engineers with more than 10 years of experience is always ready to provide the best support to you.


What users say about CL

Absolutely thrilled with my purchase from CL! The LED strip lights and smart controller kit are top-notch. The one-to-one OEM service made customization a breeze.Kudos to CL for their outstanding products and service!


Mark Johnson

CL has truly impressed me! The LED strip lights and smart controller integrated kit I ordered are of exceptional quality. The seamless OEM and ODM services set them apart. I'm would recommend CL to anyone seeking reliable and innovative lighting solutions.


Emily Thompson

CL's LED strip lights and smart controllers are fantastic! The personalized OEM and ODM services provided great convenience for our customization needs. I purchased 20 sets, and the quality is excellent. Thanks to CL for providing such outstanding lighting solutions!


Li Wei

I am thrilled with the quality of CL's LED strip lights and Smart Controllers! The individual OEM and ODM services made the purchasing process extremely pleasant. My order of 30 units was processed quickly, and the products exceeded my expectations. Thank you, CL!


Klaus Müller



Do You Have Any Question?

What types of Christmas lights does CL LIGHTING offer?

CL LIGHTING provides a diverse range of Christmas lights, including string lights, LED motifs, and decorative lighting solutions.

Are CL LIGHTING's Christmas lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, CL LIGHTING designs Christmas lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring versatility in decoration.

Can CL LIGHTING customize Christmas light designs for specific themes or events?

Yes, CL LIGHTING offers customization options for Christmas lights to align with specific themes or events.

What are the energy efficiency features of CL LIGHTING's LED Christmas lights?

CL LIGHTING's LED Christmas lights are designed for energy efficiency, providing bright illumination while minimizing power consumption.

Can CL LIGHTING assist in designing customized Christmas light displays for commercial spaces?

Yes, CL LIGHTING offers design assistance for creating customized Christmas light displays for commercial and public spaces.

How does CL LIGHTING stay updated with the latest trends in Christmas light design?

CL LIGHTING stays informed about the latest trends through market research, customer feedback, and collaboration with design professionals in the industry.


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