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Courtyard Atmosphere Lighting

Courtyard Atmosphere Lighting

The role of yard lights

With its beautiful and elegant shape design and unique light distribution design, garden lights play an irreplaceable important role in modern urban landscape lighting. Urban landscape lighting is an important part of the entire city lighting, is an important embodiment of the characteristics of urban social progress and economic development.

Garden atmosphere light design

Choose your own garden atmosphere lamp design, not only can illuminate the garden-like courtyard, but also effectively ensure the safety of family activities at night. Garden lighting design is one of the indispensable means to adjust the atmosphere and beautify the environment. The types of garden lights mainly include ground lights, wall lights, lawn lights, light belts, water lights and other forms, and the choice of lights should consider decorative, energy saving, environmental protection and safety issues. It adds a lot of warmth, romance and mystery to the garden at night.

Garden lighting design function

Enrich the courtyard space content. Through the contrast of light and dark, it highlights the key landscape to be expressed in a background with low ambient brightness and attracts people’s attention. The art of decorating courtyard Spaces. The decorative function of the garden lighting design can embellish or strengthen the space through the shape texture of the lamp itself and the arrangement and combination of the lamp. Using the organic combination of points, lines and surfaces, the three-dimensional sense of the courtyard is highlighted, and the art of scientific application of light is used to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere.





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